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Search toys by photos

search toys by photos


By the new functionsearch toys by photos, you just need to upload photos from your album of one toy or take photos (for mobile), then the system will find you’re the toy on the photos or the similar one from the data base of ESSA.


search toys by photos is a self-developed project by ESSAs IT team, which is a initiative breakthrough in toy B2B business, and changes the traditional way of finding product, providing a great convenience for our customers.


How to use search toys by photos?

1. Click the icon of camera on the right of the search box.

2. Drag or upload the local photos





3. Wait a few seconds, and find the one you want



How many photos can be uploaded at one time? Any size limits?

5 photos at most with no size limits,but over-size photo might slow down the process.


How many products can be found each time?

Only one. If different photos of different products are uploaded, the system will only process one randomly.


If I cant find the one I want, what should I do?

You can apply for staff service for searching, please follow:

1. Click Find samples for you


2. (Optional)Add more photos or fill in as required.


3. Click Post


4. Wait for the feedback. Later, you can check out if there any feedbacks


5. If  “feedback received, click“see more detailsto check out



6. If you find the one you want, click end



How to raise the search accuracy?

1.Make sure the picture uploaded is clear

 2.Pure background is highly recommended

 3.Crop the picture to highlight the important part