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Company Information

1. How to change company details information?

   If you use Boss account, to change information you can at “Company information” section.

2. What corporate account is?

   You can create corporate account for several users. Orders in this account are independent from each other.


3. How to create corporate account?

   Step 1: Enter create corporate account page.

   Step 2: Fill the inquired information.

   Step 3: Press “Send”


4. How to modify corporate account information?

   Step 1: Enter corporate account page.

   Step 2: Choose account you want to modify and press “Change”.

   Step 3: Press “Save” after changes complete.


5. How to stop using corporate account?

   Step 1: Enter the corporate account managing page.

   Step 2: Chose the account which need to be stopped using.

Please note!

   User, whose account was stopped can’t enter the system any more.