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Account Information

1.How to change my account information?

   Go to “Account Settings”, at the section “Account Information” change the settings.

2. How to change e-mail?

   Step 1: Enter change e-mail page.

   Step 2: Write your e-mail, press “Send”. If you use Boss account to modify email need to verify account security.

   Step 3: When you receive the letter to your e-mail, follow the instruction to modify the e-mail.

Please note

    1.New email has to be registered on essa.cn.

    2.After modifying new e-mail you can’t use the old one.

3. How to change the password?

   Step 1:  Enter the "Change password " page.

   Step 2: Write new password, press “Send”.

   If you use Boss account to modify the password need to verify account security.

4.How to see my favorite goods/brands?

    Favorite goods: while viewing products, click the “Favorite” section. Click “Favorite goods” to see them.


    Favorite brands: while viewing brands, click the “Favorite” section. Click “Favorite brands” to see them.

5.What is the “Browsing History” ?

    In this section you will be able to see the history of viewed products.

6.What is “Personalized settings”?

    In this section you can choose view method, choose the default payment method. The number of viewable items per page and the display language.

7.What is the “E-mail service”?


   This feature will allow you to know more. You can, based on your requirements, decide whether you need a newsletter, which includes information about your procurement plans, PO and so on.

   If you do not confirm your subscription, we will not send newsletters to your email address.


   And confirming your subscription, you will receive the newsletters.