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Logging instruction

1 .How to log in?

  To log in use your account name and password.

  Step 1: Press “Log in” on the top of the page

  Step 2: Put you login name/ e-mail, password

   Step 3: Press “Enter”

2. Forgot your password?

   You may reset the password according to these steps:

   Step 1: Press the link “Forgot the password?” and the new page will open.

   Step 2: Put your e-mail address, activation code, and press “Send”. You will receive letter with the link to reset the password. If you hadn’t received the letter during a while, check Spam folder or press “Send again” button.

   Step 3: According to the letter at your email box set up new password.

   Step 4: Write new password, confirm it.

3 .Forgot your login name?

   Please contact your account manager to reset the login name.


4. Didn’t receive the letter?

    Please make sure you put correct e-mail. Press “Send again” and also check Spam folder.