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Transaction process

1.Basic of transaction process


   Step 1: Enter the system, search for the products you need, add them to the cart. You can also compare products by different values.


   Step 2: Chose items from the cart and send them for the price confirmation. At the goods storage you can check confirmed price for the products and make last decision.


   Step 3: Chosen items are going to PO. Before sending the PO you should confirm shipping marks, stickers, pre-shipment date and special order requirements. After sending PO please as soon as possible make deposit payment so we can start the production.


   Step 4: You can check online order production process. If there are any questions during the production, they need to be solved as soon as possible. After quality checking you can see the pictures and download pre-shipment documents. Before shipment please provide all the delivery information.


   Step 5: You will receive the notification as soon as loading finished and you can download all the documents (packing list, invoice, balance). Please make the balance payment in time after shipment. After receiving goods please check the quality as soon as possible.