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Joint orders

1. What are the products for joint orders?

   Products for joint orders are goods that have been created with neatly details based on the market analysis, in line with the needs of buyers.


2. How to take part in joint orders?

   Because MOQ for these kind products is high, need several customers to order such items at the same time.


   Step 1: Choose the item, add it to the Confirmed items storage.

   Step 2: Wait for a while till other customers will order same product.

   Step 3: When total quantity reached MOQ, this item can be confirmed for the production.

   Step 4: Our company stuff will confirm as soon as possible can this item be produced or not.

   Step 5: After confirmation of the joint order need to submit PO.


Please note!

    You can cancel items before joint order confirmed.

    After confirmation you can’t cancel any item.

3.How long time it usually takes to wait for joint order?

   Need to wait other customers confirmation for these items for order to be placed.

   Usually you should wait up to 90 days.

   You will receive the notification as soon as such orders can be placed.