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1.How to add items to the cart?


   You can use different ways to add product to the cart:


   1)A single add from the description list


   When the product has multiple styles, please choose you need to purchase styles.

   2)Add from the detailed page

   You can add several items at the same time to the cart.


   3)Use the product number to add a batch of goods.


   Step 1: Enter the “cart”, press “Import items from excel”.


   Step 2: Complete the information of the product. Or you can directly put the articles, content and quantity on the form, or download formwork, complete it, and copy-past the information to the page table.


   Description: The green button “+” indicates to add a line cell.


   Step 3: Click on the return to put the goods to cart


2.If you have product specification questions, what to do?


   If you have any questions or requirements for any product, you can ask us, we will provide timely feedback, which can be viewed in the “cart”.


   Step 1: In the “cart” to ask your questions.

   Step 2: In the “cart” to view the reply results.

   If You got the answer, but You have any further questions, continue to ask.