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2.7.0  Go to the page of My PO

2.7.1  How to check on the PO process

The process takes time, you can check on the PO process in PO tracking.


Generally, the PO process goes like this:

2.7.2 What if any promblems happen to PO?

When any problem happen to PO, ESSA will inform you。

Ø Handling problems。You can handle problems by:

1.Postpone the expected loading date

2.Transfer goods from other POs

3.Replenish goods

4.Cancel PO

1) Postpone the expected loading date


2) If the container is not full,you can transfer goods from other POs or pick new goods.

n  Transfer goods from other POs. You can choose by yourself or let ESSA transfer for you based on the actual production process.

n  Pick new gooods. After goods is picked and submitted, price confirm is also needed. You need to confirm after price confirm is done, then ESSA will arrange production, and you should fill in the information of sticker and mark.

Click“select items from”

Tick the goods/items you want to transfer, and choose a date, then click "move into"

3) Replenish

 If the container is not full,you can add new products to PO as replenishment.

Click “Replenishment”

Tick the items as replenishing goods, then click "add"

2.7.3  Where can I download packing list & invoice?哪里可以下载装箱单、发票?

After goods is loaded,you can download packing list & invoice.

Click“view details”