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Ordering requirements

1.Can I place an order for less than a container?

   Yes, but the amount of the order should be more than 60,000 yuan (RMB).

2.What is delivery?

   It means time of goods production which doesn’t include stickers and shipping marks production, booking or transportation time. If you need to check the loading time you can do it at the main page.

3.What is MOQ?

   MOQ is Minimum Order Quantity.

4.What are the requirements for MOQ?

   MOQ depends on the factory's requirements and it's never less than 1 export box. Items can not be purchased by the piece.

5.Can a partial container be shipped?

   Yes. But we recommend to ship full containers to reduce the cost.

6.Can a joint cargo be shipped?

   Yes, but it requires full payment before shipment. Your cargo company contact information are desirable.

7.Are there any requirements for the number of items in one container?

   No. However, if there're more than 50 articles in a 40HQ container there's a small fee for processing. The surcharge depends on the amount of articles.

8.In which case there's a need in replenishment?

   Replenishment is needed if during processing there appeared to be problems with production of some articles or if some articles are missing at the time of shipping.

9.Can we make requirements for marks, stickers, barcodes etc?


10.Are there any extra charges for marks, stickers, barcodes?

   Yes, there're some extra charges. Surcharge depends on size and color.

11.Why can there be price fluctuations?

   Prices within a confirmed order don't change. However subsequent orders require clarification, because production costs depend on price on raw materials etc, which can change over time.

12.Why can there be fluctuations in delivery?

   Since most of the factories produce goods on a by-order basis, it will produce according to the time of orders. Thus there may be a change in delivery depending on the amount of orders. There also can appear unexpected problems during the production associated with equipment malfuction, shortage of labor and other factors.

13.Is it possible to get the samples?

   Yes, but the cost of the sample and shipping fee is payed by the client.

14.Is it possible to produce goods under our own brand (OEM)?