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About ESSA

Global Online Purchasing Platform for Bulky Cargo

     ESSA.CN website provides high-quality online purchasing services for bulky cargo purchasers in the world, and is committed to achieving our customers the convenient and efficient online trading platform with standardization, systematization and Internetization by upgrading traditional trade methods.

“Change traditional trade and provide new purchasing channels to make ESSA.CN the most trustful online trading platform in the world” is the mission and vision of our company.


Website advantages

Worldwide one-stop export platform

       Over 2 million products available, convenient online services to save time, like online inquiry, self-directed LCL, online order tracking and so on. Exclusive assistants for problem solving for each buyer .

Visually displayed

    Products are displayed visually by pictures and videos, with detailed word description, which enable buyers to get the clear information instead of price list only.


The whole online transaction chain trading tools makes it convenient to trade.

   The trade of the whole industry chain is realized by product category, intelligent search, product comparison, online LCL, order real-time tracking.

Standardized factory prices

       Classification of navigate, intelligent search, online comparison, online order status tracking in real time, the full implementation of the entire chain of online trading.    


Scale and innovation

Scale demonstrated strength

       In the 10 years of specialized foreign trade, in 2018, we have 8080 purchasers as members in more than 135 countries around the world on our website. Including about 3000 verified members and 300 companies with orders.

We provide over 2 million products from more than 30,000 cooperative suppliers on the platform, and have 6,000 square meters of toy showrooms and more than 500 brands of toys counters.

ESSA is based in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou. We also set up suppliers chain centers in Yiwu and Shantou, and have our first branch office in Moscow.



Innovation leads the development

       In April 2018, the mobile terminal of the ESSA.CN buyer platform launched.

In December 2017, we had 3,000 verified purchasers overseas.

In September 2017, the mobile terminal of the ESSA.CN supplier platform launched.

In May 2017, the PC terminal of the ESSA.CN suppliers platform was released. So far, all three platforms, including buyers, suppliers and supply chains, have been launched.

In December 2016, we had 1,000 verified purchasers overseas.

In October 2016, the ESSA.CN Supply Chain Management Platform (BPMS) version 2.0 and the Buyer Platform (BUYER) version 2.0 were launched at the same time.
In January 2015, domestic suppliers exceeded 10,000.
In January 2014, ESSA.CN website launched.
In January 2013, the supply chain system launched.
In April 2012, our IT team formed the platform system development.
In July 2011, ESSA Technology Company was established.


Brands settled in ESSA

      Approximately more than 500 brands are now on essa.cn, varied from educational toys, board games, remote control toys, electric toys, baby toys, festive decorations, daily necessities to stationeries, and other categories with languages including English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and others to meet the needs of customers around the world. Each brand needs to pass requirement of essa.cn: best quality guaranteed, to ensure the maximization of customer's profit.    


      There are more than 6000 cooperative suppliers on essa.cn, each one of them has been assessed and passed the the standards of scale, quality control and credits; most of which have OEM qualifications of European standards and OEM for renowned brands, such as Disney and Mattel. They also have a high integrity to guarantee the delivery time. Essa.cn strictly selects and scans every supplier as it makes the dynamic assessment to protect the interests of customers. Essa.cn has deep cooperation relationship with the leading banks in the world - mainly Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. We also have a cooperative relationship with HSBC and other banks for the convenience of trade.ESSA also shares cooperative relationship with APL, OOCL, OIL and many other shipping companies. Customers can select the appropriate shipping company according to their needs, and enjoy the benefits of high-quality shipping services.    





Team introduction    

Foreign team    

       Essa.cn always holds the concept that cross-culture work team does cross-culture business. ESSA hires foreign staff from North America, South America, East Europe, West Europe, Mid East, East Asia, South Asia in sales, marketing, product, service department, serving every client of essa.cn from all over the world. 



Products team    

       Essa.cn has a company spirit that every child has their own toy, and form a product team of Chinese and foreign members to satisfy individual needs and diverse supply of industry cluster, and meet the demands of the global buyers.



Technical team    

       Essa.cn has a professional research and development team, determined to the technical services in foreign trade industry chain, and builds a strong, accurate, and convenient internet system to support the complex foreign transactions.    


QC team    

Essa.cn owns a expert technology & develop team that aims at serving the industry chain of foreign trade with technology, creating a strong, acute, and convenient internet system to support a huge amount of complex foreign transaction.


Hardware facilities    

Warehouse system    

Essa.cn has an independent warehouse system that stocks up the most popular products on the market in one week to meet the buyer’s short-term needs,compared to tens of days of traditional foreign trade, making foreign trade faster and more efficient.



Essa.cn has a toy showroom of 6,000㎡, and 500 brand counters. Thousands of brand and product for you to choose.



Related certificates    

      With 10 years of the effort, ESSA has continuously enhanced development of innovative and made a number of achievements. This has led the industry to be highly recognized.


     In 2017, ESSA was awarded as “Top 100 Enterprises in Cross-border E-commerce industry” and was elected as “Vice-Chairman of the Cross-border E-Commerce of Guangdong Province” and “Vice-Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Cross-border E-Commerce Industries”.

National high-tech enterprises    

       Strong technical innovation and high-end technology development capabilities are supported by our country with high growth businesses.   


Product Certificate    

       In order to ensure the interests of buyers and the salibity of the goods purchased, ESSA provides relative certificates to our customers.The following are some common certificate; certificates will continue to be updated. For specific information on the merchandise certificates, please e-mail us at consultationcust@essa.cn.    



Industry exchange    

      ESSA actively participates in domestic and foreign exchanges or exhibition, such as Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and Canton Fair so as to provide our customer the latest and most popular product, professional foreign trade services. Meanwhile, ESSA grasps the accuracy of industry dynamics and the needs of customers, thus we can offer better customer service.