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  • Brand Introduction
    DECORA is a holiday decoration brand from ESSA, specializing in products for New Year, Christmas, Halloween and other holidays and festivals. Products are targetedat holidays and cultures of different countries around the world, they meet the needs of local people everywhere and let everyone enjoy theholidays to the fullest.
  • Brand positioning

    Global festival decoration

    DECORA is following the customs and festival style trends of different countries of the world, producing the best products to fit different regions and festivals of different cultures. Decora is committed to meet everyone's demand of festival decoration.
  • Brand value
    Focus:DECORA has a professional team of developers collecting a variety of decorative stylesand following festival trends in different regions of the world. Decora develops the best and most popular products for people of different cultures.
    Wide range:Rich variety ofproduct types covers the needs of all the different holidaysin the world, so everyone can choose their favorite products.
  • Brand concept

    More joy in festivals, more fun every day.

    We often look forward to the holidays, because we can make it beautiful, enjoy the fun and forget about problems and boredom of every day life.
  • Vision of the brand
    DECORA is committed to being a professional brand of festival decoration, and providing a wide range of decorations for people all around the world, so that everyone can enjoy holidays.