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Reasons to purchase educational toys for kids


Parents love to buy their children a lot of toys, and now many toy manufacturers love to play under the banner of educational to attract the attention of parents and children! But as the market is mixed with educational toys, parents are increasingly skeptical of educational toys. Can children's educational toys allow children to develop their intelligence in the process of playing? What exactly are the functions of educational toys?   

Develop intelligence and contribute to a healthy left and right brain

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According to research, people who often play with educational toys have higher open-mindedness and higher average IQ than those who don't play; U.S. medical experts have found that adults who start playing with educational toys before the age of 50 have a much lower chance of getting Alzheimer's than the general population, and the incidence rate of people who have been playing with educational toys since childhood is less than 1% of the incidence rate of the general population.      

Stimulate functional development, can improve the baby's hand-eye coordination, graphic color recognition ability

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Children's educational toys bright colors and lines can stimulate the child's vision, a grip on the ring "ring" can stimulate the child's sense of hearing, and the texture of a variety of different materials can develop the child's sense of touch. Therefore, different educational toys can help children with a variety of sensory responses, to contact and cognitive novelty, is an effective tool to assist the baby to understand the world.       

Useful for practicing social activities

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In the process of playing with their peers or parents with educational toys, children are actually developing their social relationships unconsciously, developing the spirit of cooperation and learning the psychological quality of sharing with others, laying a good foundation for future integration into society. At the same time, in the process of playing with some intelligent toys, the baby's language skills, emotional release, hands-on skills, etc. will be improved to some extent. For example, the fun nest hugging Wang, is with very powerful functions. Hugging Wang has a variety of huge educational knowledge base, will sing, will be the national language, will be English, will tell stories. Similar to this kind of educational toys, not only can children learn a lot of knowledge, but also can be no gap to accompany the growth of children, while improving the baby's social skills.             


As people's living standards continue to improve, parents are increasingly concerned about the physical and mental development of children parents through the choice of educational toys, preschool education begins earlier. With the growth of age, educational toys education is increasingly important, the average of 10-20 toys for each child 4-6 educational toys.