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How to choose the color of the toy when purchasing


A person from infancy on the color intuition, and deeply influenced by the color environment, different colors can stimulate the baby's neuro-vision, but also affect the formation of children's personality. Therefore, as the most popular intelligent toys for children, pay more attention to its color matching.      

Harmonious, beautiful colors can usually give people the visual enjoyment of beauty, while strong stimulating, cluttered colors can cause visual fatigue, while damaging people's emotions. Therefore, it is the same for children, if children live in a long-term visual fatigue environment, physical and mental health will be seriously affected.              

Early childhood is a critical period for the rapid development of the baby's intelligence, but also the period of character formation and development, with plasticity. Different colors have a great impact on children's personalities, simple and vivid colors are beneficial to the cultivation of children's optimistic, lively, cheerful, enterprising, striving personality. Therefore, it is best to choose the direction of bright, relaxing and pleasant with the hue of smart toys, such as the color blue, pink smart toys help to shape the child's quiet personality, while the color red, orange smart toys help to develop children's lively personality. 

But different personality children have different color requirements for selecting smart toys. For children with soft meat or too introverted personality, you can use smart toys with strong color contrast; while for children with too irritable personality, you can use smart toys with slightly plain color. Through the color of smart toys to guide children's character, or in accordance with the character traits of different children to design products color is conducive to the healthy physical and mental development of children.     

According to psychologists, early childhood children aged 2-3 years old love bright and vivid colors, especially contrasting colors. In the group of 4-year-olds, 65% of children are able to perceive the warm and cold nature of colors. As they get older, 5-6 year olds have reached 74%-77% color perception. However, for the entire preschool children, children generally table selected as preferring warm colors for smart toys.

The color is too bright, also does not meet the scientific application of color principles, the same, if the color is too monotonous, dull, will also make children produce visual fatigue. Therefore, intelligent toys color design should be from a scientific point of view, with the color of the healthy development of children's body and mind, to Ha generation of intelligent toys, for example, its intelligent Pleasant Goat series, is applied in line with the scientific principles of color application, color matching bright and light, the cultivation of children's good character has played a role in promoting.      


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