Group Purchase Profile

Activity time: Start from 1st ,to end of last day of each month .

The Rules of Promotion :

Each promotion item has a activity cartons number. Just achieve this cartons number ,the group purchasing can be success .

During the promotion time, you can select any activity product or delete it into your shopping cart at any time.

when the promotion product carton number is enough , we will send purchasing message to your email , you need to confirm it in 7days.

Once confirm purchase order , it can be cancel . but if over 7days , this order is still not confirmed , we will cancel your this promotion product purchasing .

you can add some promotion products when you chat with sales during promotion time , but it need you confirm to order right now .

when this promotion is success , these products you selected can be consolidation and make order . but if it is unsuccess,you still can choose original factory price and original min.order to make order .

The Most Popular Group Purchase